About the Photographer


You can have a beautiful family space with effortless wall art. 


You’re a lover of home who NEEDS it to be a place to recharge. You have kids, pets, a job, laundry, and no time to find artwork to will complete your home. Do ever wish that fabulous Pinterest home you’ have been pining after (I know you’ have pinned it a few times!!) will just come to LIFE?


Oh, you’re in just the right spot, friend!


That’s where I come in. 

I’m Katie, and I create modern photography inspired by classical art for tired, home-loving people who are ready to FINALLY check decorating their home off their to-do list.complete their home and FINALLY check it off their to-do list. 


I help people create to have a nature-focused, nature focused,  calming space.  My images coupled with a few of my while sprinkling in a little home design tips to turn a sad space into an enlightened one. I have dressed the walls of minted.com & Michael’s customers, family, and home bloggers. 

Katie Buckman Evergreen & Aspen Nature Photography Photo